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Special Features

3D Prints

Check out some of the things I've made on my 3D printer!

Bungee Jumping

Video compilation of my bungee jumping on the Bridge to Nowhere in Feb, 2012

First Skydive

Video of me tandem skydiving in Lake Elsinore, CA on 12/18/2011

Almost Perfect

My scoresheet from bowling league 10/23/2011 -- bowled a 299 game to finish off a 752 series. 16 consecutive strikes within two games.

2010 AIAA YP Rocket Launch Video

The AIAA-ONE Boeing rocket launch project. 2-stage all carbon fiber, 14 foot tall rocket (L-1030/K-660) containing live telemetry and video, staging control, and redundant recovery systems

2009 AIAA YP Rocket Launch Video

I was team lead for the LA AIAA Young Professionals High-Powered Rocket Launch Competition. We launched on May, 2009 in the middle of the desert (near Mojave, CA). The rocket was 8 feet tall and used a K-700 solid fuel engine.

Me on The Price is Right

In October 2008, I was a contestant on the Price is Right!

Eric's Cross Country Travel Blog

In the summer of 2008, I drove across country as part of my job relocation. Check out my special travel blog to check out my route and what I saw along the way!
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