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Mammoth Pics 
Here are the Mammoth photos I promised. They didn't come out too good unfortunately, that's what I get for buying the cheapest disposable camera available.
Anyway a cool thing about Mammoth is that the mountain is actually an active volcano! All around the resort there are CO2 outburst warnings, and some people in my group actually found a fume vent nearby one of the trails, and could smell the sulfur coming from it.

Here are some cool desert rocks on the way to the mountain:

A service station called Giggle Springs...hehehe

The town of Mammoth Lakes:

Mammoth Mountain as seen from mid-mountain (I believe)

Me on the peak, 11,053 feet in elevation:

View from the gondola:

More Mammoth:

Looking Southeast to the Sierra Nevada:

In the afternoon, it got really windy at the peak, check out the snow blowing off the peak:

Sunday in the blizzard, almost zero visibility on the village gondola:

Snowy day at Mammoth, unfortunately all the lifts were closed due to the wind:

Whiteout conditions, you can't see over a couple dozen feet:

Awful road conditions, it snowed 20 inches that day:

Me in the blizzard:

Cars pulled over in the high winds taking off tire chains:

The snow hits the mountain range, dumps everything it's got, and then the skies clear up over the desert:

On the way back, more cool desert scenery:

This storm was powerful! It's really neat to see it clear up all the sudden as soon as the storm gets stuck behind the mountain and reaches the desert:

That's all for now. Tomorrow and Wednesday are the first games of softball season in each respective league.

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