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I'm a Professional Extra! 
This past weekend I officially became a professional extra. I was paid $25 to do a gig on Saturday night for a few hours, it was alot of fun!!
If any of you watch or have heard of the channel TV One, it's like an african american lifestyle channel. They have a show called "Who's Got Jokes" which is a black comedian competition where they have 2 3-minute routines in front of an all-black audience and try to get the highest score based on every member of the audience rating them on a scale of 1-5. Usually on their second skit, there's some sort of "prank" pulled on the comedians to change their routines.

This weekend, me and 99 other white people were paid to act as extras on this set. The prank was that for each comedian's 2nd routine, all the black people in the audience were to be replaced with white people (us), and the comedian was to do his routine. Unfortunately for them, most of their jokes weren't funny to white people or insulted them (for example, in the second skit the comedian would ask who has ever been to jail or in debt, and almost noone would respond. Also, the comedian would talk about why it sucked to be on a date with a white girl, and not get as many laughs as before). So they would have to do improv to change their skits to the new audience to make sure they got good ratings.

Anyway, I had the camera on me close-up prettymuch the whole time, so I'm sure to be seen as a "member of the audience" as a white person not laughing at some of the jokes. So if you happen to be watching TV One during the "Who's got Jokes" semifinals, look for me! It should be on sometime this summer or fall.

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