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SoCal Vacation Part 2 
Well, it is now late September and my Boeing co-op has long since been over, and I've been back at RPI for my senior year for over a month now. Regardless, I had 2 goals in mind when I made this blog: to give people back home an idea of what I've been up to, but more importantly, as a journal for myself to remember the fun times I had during my co-op and college years. That being said, while I wait for my laundry to finish drying tonight I will continue my blog entries for Cali and back at school.

I left off at partway through my SoCal vacation with my family. One funny story I must add to my time in Hollywood before we continue to San Diego: we stayed at a hotel called Hollywood Hotel (on Vermont Ave) for a couple nights. On Wednesday night, the hotel featured a free comedy show in the hotel basement. We didn;t know about this ahead of time -- in fact, upon our return to the hotel after Universal Studios, we saw an ad in the elevator for the show. Talking about it on the first floor, we overheard a guy in the lobby sound excited that we planned to go, and encouraged us to head down as soon as we could. Little did we know this person happened to be the comedy show's host.

We went to the basement not knowing what to expect -- possibly a bar with a small banquet hall and a small crowd of 25-30 people. We didn't expect to find a 4-table lounge with a piano next to a bar. Well, the comedians were practically waiting for us to arrive, as there was a grand total of 7 people in the audience -- a couple from the midwest, 2 women in very bad moods, my dad, my sister, and myself. And for our huge audience, there was a total of 4 comedians for the night. Well, let's just say with the material these guys had, it's no surprise most of them could be found in the basement of an empty hotel at a free show on a Wednesday night. One of them sent his entire time trying to make fun of members of the audience. Bad news for this guy, it's hard to get audience members to laugh when your making fun of the only audience member. In fact,it got so miserable that the last comedian gave up halfway through her act and just walked to the bar. It's not like we were a bad audience...you know...me and my dad and my sister, oh and that couple from the midwest. Those bad mood girls left a loooong time ago, they didn't even try to have a good time. At least the beer was cold. I actually enjoyed the show a little -- I got a great nickname "Adidas" (the shirt I was wearing), I was actually mistaken for being married (sitting next to my sister), and its was entertaining to see someone make a fool of himself trying to impress me. To his credit, it's tough to make an audience of 5 people laugh -- they don't have those idiots in the back laughing at every stupid thing to set the mood right, so they actually have to be funny.

Anyway, we headed down to San Diego the night after the Griffith/WB Tour. We weren't quite sure how to play out our time in San Diego, so we got to the hotel and decided at that point to spend the next day at the San Diego Zoo. Now you may ask, why waste a day at the zoo? Well, this zoo was actually quite incredible. In fact, it is probably the nicest in the country and has some pretty cool exhibits. I was worried at first the day would remind my of my old elementary school field trips to the zoo where our entire class would hold hands so we didn't wander off and fall into the bear pit, but the trip was pretty entertaining: we got to see a quality bear fight, a monkey steal a water bottle and try to open it, a gorilla swinging from branches and then coming to the viewing window to show himself off (where does he think he is -- Muscle Beach??)

Zoo Entrance:

This photo is taken from the gondola ride available in the park. Pretty cool views, couldn't see many animals though:

Here are the bears. I got an awesome video of this too, which I can include in a later post maybe:

A couple monkeys chillin'. They are all in these cool "natural" habitats which is what sets this zoo apart:

This guy didn't want to give up his new water bottle:

Gorilla posing for us:

Swinging around with a baby hanging on for dear life:

I just think this photo is hilarious:

My sister and her famous "I'm bored and don't wanna be here" pose -- this has become a tradition and I take one of these on every vacation we go on, just for fun. The tradition began in Florida about 5 years ago:

After the zoo, we went to authentic Mexicana dinner then headed down to the San Diego waterfront to an area called Seaport Village. Nothing too eventful here, except for some nice scenery and some over-the-bay fireworks courtesy of nearby Seaworld. Here is a photo I took of the moon and the waterfront (I accept awards for this amazing photography):

Inside joke: my sister decided to join the Red Hat Society:

Anyway, it's getting late and my laundry is almost done, so I'm going to wrap up here and continue with Part 3: Tijuana and the Villa, tomorrow.

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