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Chris: "We get our coke machines out of the coke machine."



Here is a list of links for sites I enjoy spending my time at. I highly recommend these sites for reference, entertainment, or wasting your time. Enjoy!


Slashdot -- The best news site on the web, well for us techies, that is. Anyway, check it out, alot of interesting stuff goes on here.

Philadelphia Phillies -- The main homepage for my favorite sports team. Go Phils!!

Physics Forums -- A great place for physics reference and to discuss whatever ridiculous theories you may have and get them debunked by smart people.

Space.com -- A news source for everything in the Aerospace world.

Ebaumsworld -- A site containing hilarious videos, images, and jokes/pranks. Highly recommended comedy site.

Collegehumor -- College student targeted comedy site.









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