Thursday, June 26, 2008


Cedar Point

The roller coaster capital of the world, they call it. 17 coasters on an island in Lake Erie that make up one of the biggest parks in the country.

Now I've been to quite a few of the big parks in the US, but this park definitely has the most varied set of coasters. There were only a couple "new" types that I haven't ridden before, such as the one built here last year which uses induction to launch the coaster car up a hill and then down at a 95 degree angle (as in, more than vertical). This is not the same as Kingda Ka of Six Flags Great Adventure (although Cedar Point has one of those too called Drag Racer, which I rid on 3 times and it was great). Oherwise most of the other coaster types were here: suspended, open-leg, standing, indoor pitch black, etc. They didn't have a "flying position" coaster like at Six Flags, or a single-seat spinner like at Magic Mountain in CA, but it was still fun. The morning was not fun, though -- the lines were unbelievably long for a Thursday. I guess it's summer so it's always crowded, but I figured getting there early meant beating the crowd. Well it didn't, and I was waiting in line for 1-2 hours between rides in the hot sun. For some reason the crowds dwindled by the afternoon, I guess everyone got tired of the heat and left. So the entire afternoon was a great line-less day at the park!

As I was writing this post I forgot about the other unique coaster here. That is, a forward and reverse double spiral as you can see in the image below (again using induction for acceleration and braking):

I got to be in the front row for this one!
I was at the park until 6pm before I started my drive down to Dayton to spend the night.

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