Thursday, June 26, 2008


Down to Dayton

Today was a light driving day because of my time at the park. But I planned it that way. Only about 4 hours today combined from my last hotel, and now I am in Dayton, OH nearing Indiana. I was starting to wonder when I would start running into midwestern accents and people using the word "pop" instead of soda, and today is when I finally found it! I also found tons of fireworks stands on the way down here with VERY cheap and high quality stuff. I resisted every urge to buy some becuase I don't want to keep them in my hot car for the rest of the trip, but hopefully I'll get some during the 4th of July in Vegas.

Anyway its far west on the Eastern time zone here, and the sun set around 9:20.

Nice scenery, but not much to see on the way here besides farmland.

I forgot to mention a few posts back a funny thing I saw at the Confederate fort. I will put this part where it belongs at the end of my trip, but I wanted to point it out here for now.
There was a small museum there, and one of the exhibits were old "simple" farming and hunting equipment used by the soldiers in the area in the 17-1800's. They are pictured below:

Pretty simple tools -- an axe, a hammer, other easy to make things. But wait, what is that in the lower right hand corner?

An apple peeler? You have got to be kidding me! I can't even figure out how this complicated monstrosity of a tool works. This is the most simple thing they could come up with? And just to peel apples!

Anyway I'm off to St. Louis tomorrow!

Ive always wanted an apple peeler. Theyre pretty mesmerizing to watch.
What an amazing apple peeler – It slices! It dices! It even ties your shoelaces! (Wait . . . did they have shoelaces back then???)

Mom Gever
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