Friday, June 27, 2008


National US Air Force Museum

I found out about the US National Air Force Museum from a AAA book, but I had no idea it would be this great! I thought the museum in Virginia was good, well this one in Dayton was about 5 times bigger! The biggest air museum in the world actually. Between both museums I have seen just about every plane, rocket, and missile ever developed by the US and many from other countries as well. I didn't even get to see the entire museum -- there were free bus tours to see Air Force One. The museum is located near the world's first airport -- Huffman Prarie Airfield.

The museum takes you through the history of flight, from the Wright Brothers to WWI, to WWII, to the Cold War, to the Hydrogren bombs, to modern warfare. The poor pilot in the model below never made it past flight school:

Now this museum had everything -- the B2 stealth bomber, the F-117, the F-22, F-15, F-16A, a Russian Su-27, a Boeing B1b and B52, modern and cold war era ICBM missiles in their entirety, actual thermonuclear bombs (not active anymore obviously) a couple experimental Boeing Phantomworks aircraft, and oh -- the actual Apollo 15 re-entry vehicle!

The huge B-2 makes the SR-71 next to it look like a Cessna! Can you see the people walking around in the photo?

The F-22, the most modern and technologically advanced aircraft in the world:

And oh, a couple actual hydrogen nuclear bombs:

Next stop, St. Louis!

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