Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Nats Game and a Capitol Hill Tour

Traveled through: New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland

Because of a bit of traffic I didn't get into Washington, DC until about 6:15, so I decided to go straight to the Nationals vs. Angels baseball game. Parking was a bit confusing, as I had trying to find the official lots until I started driving down sketchy streets. I found a few... $20 to park!!! But oh wait, on the same street as the parking lot was a legal street parking area with a few spaces available, so after checking with a bunch of other people to make sure I wasn't going to get a ticket I opted for the free parking.
Nationals stadium is brand new, and it definitely has that feel to it. Unfortunately it doesn't have a home-team baseball feel because, well just as I expected, the Nationals don't have any fans. The ones who tried to be fans wouldn't stop criticizing the team and grunting about the season. And they had a lot to be upset about, as the Nats had 4 errors and a balk by the 3rd inning, and were down 8-0. I was secretly enjoying this even thought the Angels just swept the Phils, but it's always nice to see another team in my division bite the dust. Of course the atmosphere itself was a bit depressing since there were not really any fans to begin with. At least I felt at home with the cheesesteaks they served at the park.

This park reminds me a bit like a minor league game with some of the events they have. Every Friday is Fireworks night, and every Saturday they play a movie on the Jumbo Vision after the game. Today was the "Presidential Race" as they call it. A bunch of Presidents running around the field and knocking each other into walls in order to win (sort of like the real Presidential Race):

Abraham Lincoln won.
One cool thing about the stadium was that you could see the Capitol building and the Washington Monument from the upper decks.

After the game I went to return to my car. I remembered where I parked because it was on the corner of 3 St. and M St. and it was the corner of the ballpark that has a parking garage. Well I arrived at 3 St. and M St. and my car wasn't there. In fact neither was the parking lot I parked next to. It was a completely different intersection. Confused out of my mind, I walked around sketchy downtown DC for awhile and eventually walked back to the ballpark. Interesting.... the ballpark has 2 corners with parking garages, so I walked to the other one, and there was ANOTHER 3 St. and M St. intersection, each about a mile apart. This city is confusing, but at least I found my car there.

It was getting late by this point, so I drove to the Mall and walked around the Capitol building which is beautiful at night:

I also went to the White House but it was dark, I guess Bush was sleeping. Finally, I walked up to the Washington Monument and then over to the Lincoln Memorial, both spectacular at night:

Funny story, so I was parked near the Washington Monument and walked (~15-20 mins) to the Lincoln Memorial. While I was looking at Mr. Lincoln, it was just me and a security guard in the building. I could overhear his police radio and the officers were talking about cars they need to ticket/tow. I hear the officer on the radio say "...yeah it's a Blue Honda Civic, License plate *inaudible*...7-0". Obviously I freaked out that they were talking about my car, and got upset because I checked the signs very carefully. I rushed back to my car (worried they would tow it) and luckily it was a different civic. So that almost ruined my night...
Speaking of night, it's way too late to be writing still, and I have alot to do and drive tomorrow, so this post is now over.

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