Monday, June 30, 2008


Tap the Rockies!

Today I woke up early and drove the last 2.5 hour stretch from the Kansas border to Denver. It's a nice, clean city with the beautiful mountain backdrop about 15 miles further west.

After taking care of some errands I headed up to Golden, CO which is embedded within the first row of mountains overlooking Denver.

This town is the home of the Coors brewery, but it also boasted itself as an "old-fashioned western" town and the scenery matched its claim. Here I found out about the Lariat Scenic Loop, which is a 40 mile drive to the top of the mountains and along a river. Here I got my first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains!

The loop brings you to beautiful overlooks of Denver as well as the burial site and museum of Buffalo Bill.
Denver in the distance:

The town of Golden below:

Buffalo Bill's tombstone and grave:

The next part of the loop brought you through a mountain valley with some fun sharp turns:

Finally, the loop ended at Red Rocks:

The loop took up most of my afternoon so I headed to my hotel afterwards. I have not yet been able to enjoy a hot tub yet because I've been getting into my hotels after they close. So, this time I was able to snag a room with a Jacuzzi which definitely made up for it.

I then headed to the Rockies game in the evening, who were battling the Padres for last place in the NL West. Going into tonight's game the Rockies had a 7-game losing streak, but the fans wouldn't give up on their team, still sporting their "Rocktober" t-shirts from last year's playoffs.

These fountains climb to about the level I am at here when the Rockies hit a home run.

I got tickets for the upper deck, which is about 2 miles high after you account for Denver's elevation. The only true nosebleed section. So I moved down, no problem. The Rockies took a commanding 8-3 lead mid-game after beating up Maddux, but the Padres piled it on late and won 15-8. In the 9th inning I went down to one of the front rows just behind the Rockies dugout.

Tomorrow I'm headed down to Colorado Springs, and I have a huge list of things to do there before driving to southwest Colorado.

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