Sunday, June 29, 2008


To Kansas and Beyond

Today was to be a long driving day. I knew that, so I had to get up early and briefly see Kansas City before my drive through Kansas.

I started in Independence, MO, which was the starting point for the Oregon Trail. Today it's more well known as the birthplace of President Harry Truman, and the entire town emphasizes this point with tours of the Truman home, Truman farm, and the Truman Presidential Library.

This is the historical courthouse on Independence Square:

The Truman library is considered one of the best presidential libraries in the country, and they also have a large museum. I tried to get in, but it unfortunately was closed until noon (darn Sundays!) which would have been too late.

So instead, I discovered some cool looking riverboat casinos nearby. I thought at first they were actually on the river boat they are actually just regular casinos with steamboat exhaust pipes. I didn't have time to play much, so I just got a few souvenir $1 chips.
I drove back to downtown Kansas City, but I didn't find anything especially interesting. I was there until about noon before starting my drive through Kansas.

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