Sunday, June 29, 2008


The World's Oddest Zoo

Kansas is very flat and boring. Hundreds of miles of nothingness that can start to get on your nerves after a few hundred miles. I started looking for something to do, and I finally saw a sign on the side of the road for the "World's Largest Prairie Dog". So I decided to pull over and check it out.

What I found was basically a privately owned zoo or local and strange animals and birds. You pay a fee and walk outside, and all the sudden you are in the middle of a huge prairie dog range. Tons of prairie dogs hopping from burrow to burrow, and they love to impress people:

The "zoo" also had other local animals such as the coyote, fox, buffalo, badger, etc:

And of course, the world's largest prairie dog:

And then there was the freak show. 2 cows: one had an extra leg growing out of the back of his neck:

And the other cow had 2 legs growing out of...erm..well....

After this stopover, I enjoyed a good buffalo burger at a local steak house. I wish they served buffalo burgers in LA!

Strange-looking cows! No wonder you're in the mood for a good BUFFALO burger!
Mom Gever
How many legs did your buffalo burger have? That giant prarie dog looks like that giant woodchuck outside of a storage shed place that i took a picture of on the way to the FIRST competition a few years ago.

Hope you're havin fun!
Remember Wall Drug? Must be the same owner.
Larry (Dad)
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