Saturday, July 5, 2008


The Indian Reservations

States visited today: Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico (sort of), Utah (sort of)

It seems that almost all of Arizona is an Indian reservation. Four Corners, many national monuments, and half of the grand canyon is reserved for different tribes across the West.
My first stop on Thursday was to Four Corners. I've always wanted to put each of my limbs into different states, so here we go:

My right leg is an hour behind, thanks to Arizona's resistance to conform to the Daylight Savings standard.

I spent the next 2 hours driving through Arizona desert, which had some pretty cool looking formations all over the place.

My next stop was to the Canyon de Chelly National Monument. This canyon has a dry river bed and is home to the Mojave tribe. They have their own police force and people still live down there in the canyon, doing whatever it is Indians do. A few of the women come to the rim of the canyon to sell tourists jewelery, and the native American men sell paintings of the womens' jewelry. The monument also has more cliff dwellings and some cool natural features.

The timing during the morning was a bit confusing, because some of the Indian tribes recognized daylight savings and others didn't. Of course the state of Arizona itself doesn't, but I think I went back and forth in time at least 3 times today.

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