Saturday, July 5, 2008


Petrified Forest and Meteor Crater

On the way south to I-40, I ran into a "National Historic Landmark" called the Hubble Trading Post. I guess long ago Indians used to trade stuff here, and then an American by the name of Hubble bought it out and the store is still run to this day. However, they don't actually trade, they only sell....I tried to offer them one of my extra caps in exchange for a souvenir, but they wouldn't take it. Oh well..

My next stop was to Petrified Forest National Park, off I-40. This park wasn't just about rock-solid wood logs, but it also featured the Painted Desert and more Indian ruins (as if I wasn't tired of this by now).

It happened to be a bit cloudy/rainy that day. Yeah, in the desert, I know. But these hills look more impressive during sunny days. Next, they show us some ancient petroglyphes, which in my opinion is just a fancy word for Indian graffiti.

If you can't tell in the picture above, one of the images is of a massive stork hanging a man by the neck with his beak. Where do these natives get these ideas?!

And then oh, the petrified forest. There was lots of it, and it was all completely crystallized.

Another interesting park fact was that historic Route 66 passed right through it, and there are still remnants of the road and electric poles running through the park.

After the park I headed west toward Meteor Crater. On the way there I saw the coolest motel ever:

Yeah, those are actually tepee rooms you can stay in for a night. I was inclined to stay here just for the hell of it but I wanted to be in Vegas by the 4th, so that wasn't going to happen.

Meteor Crater is, well, a massive crater in the middle of the Arizona desert. It's claimed to be the best preserved crater in the world.

The site included a decent museum and a bunch of different viewpoints. There is a structure in the center of the crater, that is where NASA trained astronauts for the Apollo landings, and tested some of the vehicles.

That night, I headed west and then north to a lodge right next to the Grand Canyon. On the way there I had to deal with sunsets such as this one:

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